In today’s society woman, as well as men, are judged on purely what they look like. Dating sites, such as Tinder, have now made photos of you the focal point on whether you want to date them or not. It’s 2017, and the world is changing.

This topic has always got a reaction out of me. Whenever I see or hear people moan about their body, I always think ‘ why is no one happy with the way they look?’ Even I am not happy with the way I look, yet here I am writing this post. If someone came up to you and asked; ‘describe your body in one word or sentence?’ What would you say? Would it be positive or negative? It would most likely be negative, picking out your flaws. I would say a negative thing . And I believe that this needs to change.

This ‘self-hatred’ has been around for years and years. Each decade, there has been a different desired body, whether that’s a tiny waist or huge breasts, people have longed for a ‘perfect body.’ I believe, however, that we shouldn’t waste our entire life, loathing something we were born with. We now have the option to change and manipulate our bodies in any way desired that wasn’t available before. People like the Kardashians, who have had many surgical procedures, are now desired for their looks. But I bet if you asked them if they were happy with how they look, they would still say no.

With the boom of Social Media, new sites have been created. Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, allow other people to look into their lives. There’s that saying;

“No ones life is as perfect as their Instagram feed.”

I will admit, that I will take photos and organise them specifically for Instagram, and I am proud of it. It makes me get out of the house, to try new things and go new places. Sharing pictures of your life and your opinions is no problem at all, yet when people use it to hate on people, that is where it is being used incorrectly. I understand that you won’t like everyone, yet why is it acceptable for people to verbally abuse someone, just because they are on social media. Celebrities and other people are now getting called ‘fat’ just because they aren’t stick thin. By calling someone ‘fat’ will massively impact their self-esteem and they start to believe it, so they want to change. How many people, in January, decided that they have eaten too much during the Christmas Holiday? I’m not saying that I think the people who do live on a strict diet or go to the gym regularly are stupid. What I am saying is Do what makes YOU happy and don’t be pressured by anyone else.

Children are now growing up way too fast nowadays. The toy company Barbie, has just rebranded themselves after constant criticism about the body shape of Barbie. Long, small body with blond hair and blue eyes. They have stayed the same body shape for years, but only now have they re-thought the body shape to make it more appealing for young girls. It allows them to choose what they want the doll to look like, from their body shape to their hair colour. So why is it that girls in real life are still wanting that long, small body. The simple answer is cause they see it everywhere, from adverts to social media. The models that are being used are beautiful thin, athletic and have boobs and a bum. Yet what they don’t see is how hard they have to work for that body, and even then it isn’t good enough. As the models are selling the products, the companies and modelling industry only want the best. Yes, there has been a break through recently with models being plus sized or disabled, but you still see the perfect models everywhere. I’m not saying we should get rid of all the models and find more realistic ones, they all have worked extremely hard to get to where they are today and it’s extremely hard to be the media’s eye when you’re in the lingerie. Everyone just needs to stop caring about what others think. Don’t let their opinions run your life.

Your body is a part of you, it is what makes you, it is your identity. Let’s learn to be proud of that!

So I have a challenge for all my readers. Every morning that you look in the mirror, tell yourself something positive about your body. Make sure you think of something different each day. And that can be anything at all, from your eyes down to your toe nails. Anything! And every time you see someone, whether on your screen or in person, tell yourself that your positive feature is unique. No one else has it and that’s what make you, you!